About Us

Who are we?

We are Mum, Dad, Miss B and Little O (Kiddies aged six and four).

Our two missions – travel the world as a family and use as little plastic as possible whilst doing it.

We are not out to preach about plastic pollution in all the counties we go to.  And yes, we are conscious of the bigger picture.  We know that we cannot solve the worlds problems by reducing our plastic consumption, nor by doing family beach clean-ups.  However, we are also aware that by making small steps towards better habits and more conscious living, that we are educating our children to be respectful to this planet and its people. If we only help one other traveller along the way, or have one less plastic bottle in the ocean, then this whole site would be worth it.

Where are we from?

Originally from England, we’ve lived in New Zealand for the past seven years. We love it in NZ, but felt the pull to go travelling for a long time. We’ve done more and more little adventures in NZ to see if the kids are ready for a big trip. They handled every car ride, ferry crossing, plane journey, hotel and Airbnb we could throw at them. Little did they know their reward for this would be giving away most of their toys and living out of a backpack.

Where are we going?

We started our journey in July 2018 in Kuala Lumpur where a family member lives.  We have visited here a number of times so this hardly felt like the unfamiliar ‘back-packing’ adventure we were envisaging for our family.  Our next stop was Vietnam where we travelled South from Hanoi, followed by time in Northern Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.  We recently arrived in Vietnam on a three month visa to revisit this beautiful country and all it has to offer.

Plastic pollution

The level of plastic pollution in each location has been genuinely demoralising.  We have travelled to Asia on a number of occasions and had either been completely ignorant to it, or it has just become exponentially worse in recent times.  I’m guessing a bit of both (sadly).  To end on a positive note, if we can do something to reduce our plastic consumption, then absolutely anyone can!  I really mean that.  We started off with small changes at home, approximately a year ago, which we will further document, and things have snowballed since then!

Pop-by the website as we travel more, and please help us out with any advice on reducing plastic if you can 🙂  You can also follow us on Intagram for more regular updates.

More Travel, Less Plastic x