Author: Peter and Caira

What’s wrong with plastic?

So, what is wrong with plastic anyway? Most of us have seen the video of the turtle with the straw up it’s nose which scientists painstakingly extract.  It’s devastating viewing. The latest plastic pollution reference is to the great pacific garbage patch which measures more than 1.6 million square kilometres (over 617,000 square miles). Whilst…

By Peter and Caira November 24, 2018 0

More Travel Less Plastic

Welcome! We’re a family of four – mum, dad, Miss B (6) and Little O (4) making efforts to use less plastic in our daily lives.  We love to travel but we despair at the plastic and other pollution we see whilst away.  We recently set off on a six month stint travelling as a…

By Peter and Caira November 21, 2018 1

New Zealand – Lake Taupo with kids

Famous for its vast Lake Taupo, there really is something for everyone here.  Numerous family friendly activities can be found on the lake; swimming, scenic cruises, fishing, kayaking, rapids jet boating.  On land, activities such as ‘Taupo Museum and Ora Garden of Wellbeing’ , ‘Huka Prawn Park’  , and ‘Huka Honey Hive’ are available most…

By Peter and Caira November 21, 2018 0