More Travel Less Plastic

November 21, 2018 1 By Peter and Caira


We’re a family of four – mum, dad, Miss B (6) and Little O (4) making efforts to use less plastic in our daily lives.  We love to travel but we despair at the plastic and other pollution we see whilst away.  We recently set off on a six month stint travelling as a family around South East Asia.  We are out to travel responsibly.  We want to teach the girls how our actions impact others and find out what this part of the world is doing to tackle the problem.

We might not change the world, but with every plastic straw we refuse, every plastic bag we turn down, and every glass of water we purify ourselves, we will be raising awareness and reducing just a little bit of plastic pollution.  We will post the highs and the lows of our experience.

We are not claiming that we are zero waste, nor that we have all of the answers.  We are just a typical family with young children who have seen the error of our plastic consumption ways, and are making efforts to change these as much as possible.

Join us where you can and please give us tips and advice where possible.

More Travel, Less Plastic 🙂