We have always loved travelling.  Trips in the last few years have been within New Zealand where we were based for seven years.

More recently we set off on a six month stint travelling around South East Asia.  We have a family member in Kuala Lumpur and are therefore lucky to be able to use their home as our base.

We recognise that there are an abundance of other family bloggers who have provided in depth detailed ‘top ten things to do in’ reviews of South East Asia destinations.  As we do not want to reinvent the wheel, we will post on destinations as appropriate in relation to our bid of travelling with less plastic.  We will add the top things to do in locations that we absolutely love and know would be foolish not to share!

More specifically, this is what we look for:

·       Child friendliness (anything from locals to activities and attractions)

·       Easiness to be plastic free

·       Family accommodation at a decent price

·       Vegetarian food

·       Cultural activities

·       Affordable coffee and beer – yes, we said that

We travel on a tight budget, but wish to make the most of everywhere we go. Splashing out $100 to go to a Theme Park that could be anywhere in the world seems illogical to us when that could fund a couple of days experiencing life in a new location.  That’s not to say that we won’t at some point, spend the money on one that is worthy (I’m thinking the new Golden Gate bridge in Danang – you need to access via. the BaNa Hills Fantasy Park).  Any thoughts or comments on this – please leave below!

We’re just at the start of our trip so keep coming back to see more destinations as we visit them!




Malaysia with kids – being plastic free


New Zealand