Travelling with less plastic

Plastic. Plastic. Plastic.

It’s everywhere. And more increasingly, it’s in the news. The overproduction and over consumption is fast leaving an unwanted inheritance gift for future generations.  More pressingly though it is polluting our water and killing our wildlife.  So, with that in mind, how do we travel with less plastic?

At home, we can all make a difference. Reusable coffee-cups, reusable shopping bags etc. These are well documented. When travelling though, it is not so easy. From the moment you get on the plane, the trouble begins.

Some of the top travel destinations, such as South East Asia, are the highest plastic polluters in the world and are not equipped for plastic-free travelling.  Plus, when travelling, we don’t have the luxury of space to store all of our reusable items.  This site is not about lecturing locals on how to live their lives however.  Until reusable and environmentally friendly options are cheaper and more convenient, it can’t be expected that their priorities are to use less plastic.

How to travel with less plastic

As a travelling/backpacking family though, we can make a difference. Here, we will list all the ways we try to travel with less plastic.  We are far from perfect. Only last year we still used plastic to wrap our food and always forgot our reusable bags at the supermarket.  So if we can achieve it, anyone can.

We packed a number of items that will help us achieve the goal of reducing plastic whilst travelling, however there are a few staple items that get used on a regular basis.  Firstly, the reusable water bottle.  This is by far and away our most trusted reusable item.  Sourcing filtered water however is another matter.  Check out our review of using the steriPEN to help us overcome this issue.

The Humble bamboo toothbrush.  As a family, we switched to bamboo toothbrushes approximately six months ago and have never looked back.

Other items used on a daily basis are our four stainless steel straws.  What a godsend they have been.  There were a few teething problems with us remembering to say “no straw” and then later remembering to retrieve them, but we can now say (after a few cases which required us to return to cafes to collect them), we are still in proud ownership of our four steel straws.

We are always interested to hear other ideas to reduce plastic, so if you have something that works for you, and you want to share it with the world (or at least anyone who is reading this), let us know by Contacting Us, and we will try it out (and of course, give you the credit).

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